The Ngadju (also known as the Marlpa) people of Western Australia retain a detailed knowledge about their Indigenous ‘calendar’ of times, seasons and indicators as it pertains to Ngadju country.

For the Ngadju people, the white flowers of jutumul (Olearia muelleri, Goldfields Daisy; inset) mark the transition from Karrlkunja (‘courting and mating season’) to Ngawu (‘egging season’). Its flowers say that the Ngawu foods are ready.

CSIRO worked with the Ngadju community to develop a summary of elements of their seasonal ecological knowledge1. Knowledge was shared by more than 50 members of the Ngadju community during a series of six workshops held over 11 days during 2009–10.

Added to this summary are additional material that describe the operation of the project, the region in which Ngadju country is located, previous research on this topic, the names of workshop attendees, and lists of Ngadju words, plant species, animal species and references that are cited.


This material was produced by CSIRO as a report for the Ngadju people. Use of this material is subject to agreements between CSIRO, the Ngadju Aboriginal Corporation and the Goldfields Land & Sea Council.


  1. O’Connor, M.H. and Prober, S.M. (2010). A calendar of Ngadju seasonal knowledge. A report to Ngadju Community and Working Group. CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, Floreat, WA.

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