CSIRO is helping create an enabling environment that fosters a broad based set of partnerships. These partnerships prioritise and collaborate on critical research pathways that underpin resilience based management of the GBR well into the future.

Goal: 2050

  • Ecological function of GBR ecosystems preserved

Ecological function of GBR ecosystems preserved

  • Water quality improved
  • Bio-diversity retained
  • Natural recovery enhanced
  • Reef restored at scale

Intermediate outcomes 5-15 years

  • Land based pollution reduced
  • Ecosystem connectivity retained
  • Marine Park Mgt. optimised
  • Restoration tool box developed

Cross-cutting & systems science 3-10 years

  • Human dimensions
  • Governance
  • Decision support
  • Risk assessment

Component research 3-10 years

  • Innovations to manage nitrogen and sediment loss
  • Innovations in remediation of aquatic ecosystems
  • Innovations supporting GBR field operations
  • Development of reef restoration technologies

Enabling environment for efficient and effective science contributions 3-10 years

  • Collaborations and partnerships with GBR stakeholders
  • GBR outcomes and impact driven science
  • Cross-institutional strategic science vision
  • Science coordination and integration

CSIRO is helping to foster a partnership environment that prioritises and collaborates on critical research pathways that underpin resilience based management of the GBR.

Internal governance for GBR research

CSIRO’s research effort in the GBR is guided by a high-level Steering Committee, chaired by Dr Peter Mayfield (Executive Director-Environment, Energy and Resources) and with senior Business Unit representation. It oversights the work of the GBR Coordinators (Dr Christian Roth, Dr Bruce Taylor), who are supported by a dedicated GBR coordination team.

Diagram showing the internal governance arrangements to facilitate cross-CSIRO Business Unit integration and to maximise the access to relevant CSIRO capability across the various Great Barrier Reef (GBR) research impact pathways.

On the External Coordination side there are External Stakeholders that connect to a variety of areas on the Internal Coordination side, including:

  • GBR Steering Committee
  • GBR Coordinators
    • GBR coordination team
      • Working Groups coordinator(s)
        • Oceans and Atmosphere staff
        • Data61 staff
        • Agriculture and Food staff
        • Land and Water staff
        • other members of coordination team
  • Other CSIRO staff
    • different parts of corporate
    • different business units

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