In collaboration with various partners and funding agencies, we've deployed some 250 electronic tags on 210 different white sharks since 2000 (some sharks are tagged with more than one type of electronic tag).

This number continues to grow as other agencies undertake tagging projects.

Tagging of white sharks includes both satellite and acoustic tagging

Tagged sharks range from less than two to over five metres in length.

Nearly all sharks tagged in Australian waters since 2000 have been fitted with acoustic tags.

Several, including adults, have been fitted with satellite tags.

Satellite tags can last up to two years but these tags generally last for six months. They can provide the locations of the sharks when they surface.

There are active tagging programs in NSW, South Australia and Western Australia.

Over 100 white sharks from three to over five metres in length have been fitted with acoustic tags and or satellite tags at the Neptune Islands in South Australia alone.

Almost 50 juvenile white sharks have been tagged with acoustic tags in eastern Australia of which 32 have also been fitted with satellite tags.

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