Our team at AAHL is helping track avian influenza in Indonesia using molecular mapping.

The challenge

Devastating effects of avian influenza

In recent years Indonesia has had the world's highest number of fatalities from highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI).

Chickens on free-range chicken farm.

Certain HPAI strains, such as the recent H5N1, can rapidly devastate poultry populations and have pandemic potential for humans.

Our response

Molecular mapping

As the regional OIE reference laboratory for avian influenza, AAHL is helping track the constant evolution of H5N1 in Indonesia using molecular mapping.

The results

Disease prevention

The mapping program will allow authorities to determine when poultry vaccines need updating to match the circulating strains, thereby facilitating disease prevention.

AAHL also tests and sequences HPAI isolates sampled from outbreaks in Indonesia and provides diagnostic support, laboratory capacity building and training on avian influenza diagnostics.

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