The Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness (ACDP) provides the Australian government and industry groups with advice on exotic and emerging disease issues and advice in the general areas of biosecurity and counter-bioterrorism.

This expertise is also used to assist countries in the Asia Pacific region to deal with animal disease issues contributing to regional food security and biosecurity. This support not only reduces the disease risks to the countries themselves but also assists the preparedness of Australian biosecurity through better threat assessment and preparedness.

ACDP staff are members and active participants on many significant international and national networks including:

National networks

Some of the key national networks of which we are active members include:

  • Laboratories for Emergency Animal Disease Diagnosis and Response initiative (LEADDR)
  • AusVet Plan
  • National Animal Health Laboratory Strategy (NAHLS)
  • National Animal Health Surveillance Strategy (NAHSS)
  • Sub-committee on Animal Health Laboratory Standards (SCAHLS).

These national networks all assist to protect the Australian livestock industry from the threat of disease outbreaks.

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