Our scientists at ACDP are working with a number of veterinary laboratories in Vietnam to protect and enhance aquatic animal health in the country.

The challenge

Social and economic impacts

Seafood is an important sector for the Vietnamese economy as well as a key source of food.

At AAHL we work to enhance aquatic animal health.

Much of the worlds shrimp farming comes from Southeast Asia and China. An aquatic animal disease outbreak of pandemic proportions could significantly threaten aquaculture, livelihoods and the economy.

Our response

Disease diagnosis

As the regional OIE reference laboratory for a number of aquatic animal viruses, ACDP is assisting veterinary laboratories in Vietnam develop expertise in the latest methods of disease diagnosis in shrimp, fin fish and molluscs.

The results

Protection and growth for the aquaculture industry

Our research and work will help the country monitor the health of its stocks, meet strict international trade regulations and remain trading in the global seafood market.

Our work will also reduce the risk of introducing disease into aquatic animal populations in countries importing from Vietnam.

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