We're implementing a range of new safety measures during COVID-19 at our Parkes Observatory Visitors Centre.

To create a safe environment at the Visitors Centre we’re asking all visitors to practice good hygiene and social distancing to reduce the risk of spread of Coronavirus in our community.

In line with government and CSIRO regulations and risk mitigation strategies:

  • Please stay outside if you are feeling unwell or have any cold symptoms.
  • Visitor numbers will be limited to no more than 50 people inside at any given time.
  • We will be limiting number of people in the 3D theatre to meet social distancing regulations.
  • Hand sanitiser has been placed in various locations, please make sure that you make use of this during your visit.

We appreciate your help and hope that you enjoy your visit!

COVIDSafe app

Signals from mobile phones and other devices interfere with radio telescope observations. In order to preserve the integrity of our science we ask that during your visit you turn off, or switch to airplane mode, any devices that have Wi‑Fi or Bluetooth enabled. When your device is turned off, or in airplane mode, the COVIDSafe app won’t be active. To assist the Australian Government with tracking possible COVID-19 transmissions we can capture your contact details on site. If you agree, your details will be kept securely for 28 days and only made available to the Australian Government Department of Health, if required. All records will be destroyed securely after 28 days.

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