The Marine National Facility (MNF) is striving to ensure that the best possible outcomes are delivered from its resources to meet the needs of both the marine research community and the nation.

To ensure these objectives are being met, the MNF, with advice from the MNF Steering Committee, initiated an independent review to examine the framework that governs how access to RV Investigator is managed and sea time is allocated.

RV Investigator in northern water during 2016 voyage.

The review was completed in the first half of 2019 by Dr Bruce Mapstone and was informed by consultation with a wide cross-section of stakeholders from the science community, government and industry, as well as other research facility operators.

The final review report was delivered to the MNF in May 2019 and provided a range of recommendations to ensure that decision-making in relation to allocation of sea time is efficient, equitable and transparent, and that it optimises use of MNF resources.

The MNF, in consultation with the MNF Steering Committee, has carefully considered the review recommendations and will shortly publish a new business strategy to guide MNF operations over the next ten years and beyond.

Further information

The outcomes of the review and future actions will be provided on the MNF website and via the MNF Subscriber Mailing List.

Download the documents

Download the Report: MNF Proposal Assessment Criteria Review [pdf · 1mb]

Download the Terms of Reference (PDF): Terms of Reference - Review of the MNF Access Framework [pdf · 1mb]

Download the Terms of Reference (Word): Terms of Reference - Review of the MNF Access Framework [docx · 1mb]

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