Investigator is a multi-purpose research vessel configured to enable a wide range of atmospheric, biological, geoscience and oceanographic research.

The challenge

Research in the deep

Australia has the third largest ocean territory in the world, but only 25 per cent of Australia's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) has been mapped.

Even with so much more to explore, our oceans are estimated to contribute $42 billion annually to our economy, increasing to over $100 billion in ten years.

Marine research is vital to the sustainable development and management of the ocean, and to understanding its influence in the region and around the world.

The ship has been fitted out with a range of state of the art equipment such as this radon detector.

Our response

Marine National Facility's research vessel

The 94-metre Investigator has been built to specifically meet the needs of Australian marine scientists being equipped with $20 million worth of equipment to undertake geoscience, atmospheric, biological and oceanographic research.

Investigator enables researchers to head out into the Indian, Pacific and Southern Oceans to:

  • undertake deep sea oceanography
  • map and study the geology of Australia's marine estate to underpin resource exploration
  • monitor and better understand our fisheries
  • learn more about our weather patterns and large ocean processes.

Read some of the research enabled by RV Investigator in the case studies below.

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