Mystique is a wine grape variety developed by CSIRO to better suit Australian growing conditions. The variety delivers good productivity and produces wine with excellent colour, flavour and aroma.

The name Mystique comes from both the vineyard where the grapes were first planted, Mystic Park, combined with the element of mystery associated with a new wine.

Mystique wine by Brown Brothers.


Mystique has very deep colour, including when made from fruit grown in hotter regions. It has intense fruit flavour with soft tannins, leading to a wine with very different characteristics to those currently available in the market.

The high wine colour can be achieved at moderate sugar levels. Mystique wine has an alcohol content of around 12-13 per cent. The variety is also suitable for production of wine with a lower alcohol content.


The variety Mystique has a pedigree which includes Cabernet Sauvignon and four other Vitis vinifera (common grape) varieties. It was selected for its high colour in berry skin and flesh in addition to good fruit composition and heat tolerance.

Mystique wine grapes.

The original pollination was made in 2000 with the grape variety being granted Provisional Plant Breeder's Rights in 2017.

One of the seedlings from the cross was identified as having red skin and flesh with intense red juice, and this was used to produce a small-scale wine in 2007. Following industry testing, Brown Brothers showed considerable interest in testing the selection under semi-commercial conditions in collaboration with CSIRO.

In subsequent seasons, various wine styles were produced and assessed by Brown Brothers, before the chosen wine style was finally developed.

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