A healthy gut is pivotal to a healthy body – improve your gut health with the CSIRO Healthy Gut Diet book, backed by decades of scientific research.

Improve your gut health with the CSIRO Healthy Gut Diet book

Front cover of the CSIRO Healthy Gut Diet book with book title and an image of some recipes

Research in recent years has helped us to understand the importance of a healthy gut in our overall health.

We now know that a healthy gut is pivotal to a healthy metabolism, brain and immune system – and that poor gut health may increase the risk of developing life-threatening conditions like cancer, obesity and diabetes.

Keeping your gut healthy has become key to a healthier lifestyle, and the CSIRO Healthy Gut Diet book is a practical, easy-to-follow guide to help you achieve exactly that.

Written by our experienced nutritional scientists and dietitians, the CSIRO Healthy Gut Diet book includes:

  • 85 easy and delicious meal and snack recipes
  • daily meal plans developed to boost your fibre and resistant starch intake
  • insights into the research behind the diet.

The R.R.P of the book is $34.99 and is available online as well as all good bookstores and retailers.

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Purchase the CSIRO Healthy Gut Diet book in bookstores or through CSIRO Publishing. Print or digital versions also available through Pan Macmillan .

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The role of resistant starch in a healthy gut

Recipes featured in the CSIRO Healthy Gut Diet book are designed to boost the amount and diversity of dietary fibre in your diet – particularly that of resistant starch.

Considered gut health gold, resistant starch is an insoluble fibre that is especially good at feeding beneficial gut bacteria. When consumed with other dietary fibres, resistant starch can help keep your gut and the rest of your body healthy.

The benefits of a healthy gut

A healthy gut helps to:

  • maintain the integrity of the gut barrier to keep unwanted microbes and toxins at bay
  • strengthen the immune system; around 70–80 per cent of the body's immune cells are found in the gut
  • keep the bowel wall cells healthy and help them recognise and eliminate the DNA mutations that can contribute to colorectal cancer
  • promote fluid and electrolyte uptake in the large bowel.

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