Clinical study identifies intermittent fasting can work with new Flexi diet program.

Intermittent fasting and alternate day fasting have recently gained mainstream interest as a weight loss and management tool.

Our researchers recently carried out a clinical study that investigated the benefits of an intermittent fasting style of diet. The study found that fasting can be an effective way to lose weight and stay healthy. 

The research combined intermittent fasting with meal replacement shakes and a 'Flexi' day where participants had one day a week to enjoy the food or drinks they love.

The research combined intermittent fasting with meal replacement shakes and a ‘Flexi’ day.  ©Probiotec

Traditional diets rely on energy to be restricted every day in order to achieve weight loss, which can be difficult for people to maintain long term. 

A number of relatively short studies have shown that intermittent fasting results in equivalent weight loss and metabolic improvements, including loss of fat mass, decreased blood pressure, glycemic control and markers of cardiovascular disease risk.

Few studies have compared the effects of intermittent fasting and continuous energy restriction longer term.

The CSIRO study took a novel look at using meal replacements as part of an intermittent fasting regime to measure the effects of intermittent fasting for weight loss on nutritional status.

The new Flexi diet has been developed in collaboration with industry partner and creators of the Impromy™ weight loss program, Probiotec.

The Flexi program includes:

  • A recipe book and a website that includes personalised meal plans
  • Progress tracking tools and a tailored virtual consultation designed by CSIRO dietitians and behavioural scientists.

For more information about the Flexi program visit Flexi by impromy .

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