CSIRO’s VegEze app is an innovative approach to tackling Australia’s poor vegetable intake, challenging users to eat more veggies through a 21-day challenge.

About the VegEze app

Since May 2015, our researchers have studied the dietary habits of more than 191,000 adults for our Healthy Diet Score research. Eating three types of vegetables as part of the evening meal was found to be a key marker in having a better diet.

Screenshot of the VegEze app login screen.

VegEze suggests easy and fun ways to get in the healthy habit of eating more veggies, starting with 3 at dinner.  ©SP Health

But research also showed two out of three Australian adults are not eating enough vegetables especially as part of their evening meal.

In collaboration with partners SP Health and Hort Innovation, our nutritionists wanted to find a more engaging, effective approach to help people break their entrenched diet habits – and the VegEze app was developed.

Challenging users to eat three different vegetables at dinner every day for 21 days, the app helps people track their intake and tally up vegetable serves, with daily reminders and rewards to help people stay motivated and on track.

VegEze also feature educational resources such as a visual guide to specific vegetable serve sizes, vegetable-rich recipes, and nutritional information.

Information from app users will also feed back into a larger study of Australians’ vegetable consumption, while helping to analyse the app’s effectiveness as an education initiative to improve Australia’s poor vegetable score card.

To try the 21-day Do 3 at Dinner challenge and participate in the research study, download the free VegEze app via the Apple App Store

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