Flexi™ combines the science and benefits of intermittent fasting with meal replacements and offers a flexible alternative to traditional diets. Accelerate your weight loss while still enjoying your favourite foods.

Intermittent fasting with Flexi™

The Flexi™ intermittent fasting diet can help you lose weight and improve your health – and you won’t need to give up the foods you love to get results.

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Flexi™ focuses on varying your food intake across each week, combining the benefits of intermittent fasting with nutrient-rich meal replacements to promote weight loss while supporting a balanced diet.

The clinically-tested program offers:

  • the freedom to enjoy your favourite foods and drinks one day each week
  • personalised 6-day eating plans with high-protein meal replacement shakes for breakfast and lunch, and vegetable-rich evening meals
  • a recipe book for easy evening meal ideas
  • access to personalised support from anywhere at any time through digital consultations and an online forum
  • online progress and weight tracking tools.

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The science behind intermittent fasting and Flexi™

You’re probably used to traditional diets that restrict the daily amount of food (energy) for weight loss. While effective, these often prove difficult for many people to stick to long term.

Intermittent fasting (or alternate day fasting) has become increasingly popular as more and more people seek alternative ways to lose and manage their weight.

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Our researchers conducted a clinical study to determine the effects of intermittent fasting on health and weight loss. They took an innovative approach by including meal replacements as part of the diet regime.

Measuring the effects of such a diet on the weight loss, nutritional status and health outcomes of participants during a 24-week trial, our scientists discovered that intermittent fasting is an effective way to lose weight and improve health.

Participants of the trial lost an average of 11kg over the trial period and saw improvements in their nutrient status, cholesterol, insulin, glucose, blood pressure and markers of inflammation. Participants also indicated they had better control over their eating habits.

Read the full results of this study , or visit Flexi™ by Impromy for more information about the program.

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