CSIRO are looking for volunteers for a new online study to help improve eating habits.


Emerging evidence suggests that, in comparison to general or ‘one size fits all’ messages, more specific and tailored instruction may help people become more engaged in an intervention which aims to improve eating behaviour.

How these messages are worded is also important. The use of message framing as an influential communication strategy has been successful in promoting health related behaviours such as lowering alcohol consumption and reducing smoking.

We would like to know more about how such communication strategies may influence eating behaviours.

About this study

We want to test the impact of a range of differently framed nutrition messages on people’s motivation to improve eating habits; and to assess if an online, email-intervention delivering tailored nutrition messages is effective in changing eating behaviour.


For this online study, participants will be required to complete 2 questionnaires, and will receive 2 emails over a 4-week period.

Study criteria

You would need to fit the following criteria if you wanted to participate in this study:

  • Adults (aged 18 years or over), currently living in Australia;
  • Willing to participate in a brief online nutrition intervention over 4 weeks;
  • Have access to an internet enabled phone or computer to receive emails;
  • Not currently avoiding any major food groups in their diet (wholegrains, fruit, vegetables, dairy and/or alternatives, meat and/or alternatives) or following a special diet for medical reasons.
  • Able to fluently read and write in the English language

To participate - complete the Shifting My Nutrition Score in 28 days survey

If you have any other queries or would like more information please email 28dayshift@csiro.au and the study co-ordinator will contact you.

This study has been approved by the CSIRO Human Research Ethics Committee.

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