CSIRO is looking for individuals living in Adelaide to participate in a study assessing the impact of a novel wheat variety on human gut health.


Fibre is a component of all plant materials and in Australia is consumed in the diet largely through bread and cereals (40 per cent) and also to a smaller extent fruits and vegetables (10 and 30 per cent respectively). There is increasing interest in fibre, in particular, resistant starch for maintenance of large bowel health and prevention of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers. Resistant starch, as its name suggests, resists digestion in the small intestine and travels to the large bowel where fermentation and short chain fatty acid production occur. This promotes healthy colonic function and hinders the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Unfortunately most commonly consumed starchy foods contain only very small amounts of this kind of dietary fibre. CSIRO has developed a new wheat variety containing very high levels of amylose, a form of starch that is more resistant to digestion. High amylose wheat has the potential to greatly improve resistant starch intakes in the Australian community.

The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of high amylose wheat foods on markers of digestive health and bowel function in men and women. This clinical trial is a vital step on the path to developing staple food products that will deliver health and economic advantages for Australians.

About this study

The aim of this trial is to assess digestive health outcomes of high amylose wheat food products following daily consumption for four weeks, in healthy Australian men and women.

On completion of the study, participants will receive a Coles/Myer gift card valued at $275 to acknowledge their valuable contribution to scientific research.

Study criteria

You will need to meet the following criteria to participate in this study:

  • Are healthy and aged 18-80 years
  • Have a BMI 18.5-29.9 kg/m2
  • Willing to maintain body weight for the duration of the study (i.e. no more than 3 kg weight loss/gain)
  • Willing to consume study test foods for a six week period
  • Attend one appointment at the CSIRO clinic located at SAHMRI North Terrace, Adelaide.

Participate in this study

If you have any queries about the High Amylose Wheat and Bowel Health Study or would like further information please call +61 8 8305 0615 or email CRUstudies@csiro.au

If you would like to participate in this study please complete this online form.

This study has been approved by the CSIRO Health and Medical Research Human Research Ethics Committee.

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