We are looking for individuals living in Adelaide to participate in a study comparing the effect of different vegetable fats on body and liver fat deposition.


Dietary saturated fats are often implicated to cause more body fat deposition than unsaturated fats, despite limited scientific evidence to support this notion. Very few studies in humans, or animal models, have directly compared different types of fats and in those that have, the results are inconsistent. These inconsistencies may be explained by differences in the chemical structure of the saturated fat sources. This study aims to compare the effects of consumption of three vegetable fats; two saturated (palm oil and cocoa butter) and one unsaturated (soybean oil) fat source, on fat deposition in the body.

About this study

The aim of this research study is to compare the effect of daily consumption of three common vegetable oils (palm oil, cocoa butter and soybean oil) for 16 weeks, on body fat deposition and liver fat content, in normal, healthy Australian men and women.

On completion of the study, participants will receive a Coles/Myer gift card valued at $490 to acknowledge their valuable contribution to scientific research.

Study criteria

You will need to meet the following criteria to participate in this study:

  • Are healthy and aged 20-45 years.
  • Have a BMI of 18.5-27.5 kg/m2.
  • Willing to consume study test foods for an 18 week period.
  • Attend six appointments over 18 weeks at the CSIRO clinic located at SAHMRI North Terrace, Adelaide

Participate in this study

If you have any queries or would like further information please call 8305 0615 or email CRUstudies@csiro.au

If you would like to participate in this study please complete this online form.

This study has been approved by the CSIRO Health and Medical Research Human Research Ethics Committee.

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