CSIRO's newsletter for the food, nutrition and health industries.

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The Digest - CSIRO's newsletter for food, nutrition and health industries.

CSIRO's Nutrition & Health Program has over 30 years of success in researching the complex interplay between health (of individuals, populations and the environment), food and consumer choice across the life course for the benefit of the Australian industry.

This newsletter is a virtual 'opening of our doors'. Each quarter we will share information about our research and development (R&D) capabilities, grants and funding opportunities, case studies, consumer and market insights from Australia and across the world, and upcoming industry events. We help companies to gain a competitive advantage by accessing our cutting-edge research expertise and facilities.

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We can help you to

  • Gain a competitive edge through science and innovation
  • Develop differentiated, evidence-based products and services
  • Better understand and respond to customers
  • Explore new value-added products and ideas
  • Connect with research and development (R&D) funding

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