FoodTrack™ is an annually updated food, labelling and nutrient database. It contains nutrition and product data for more than 40,000 food and beverage products sold in major Australian supermarkets.

FoodTrack™ food and nutrient database

FoodTrack™ is a comprehensive database developed by the CSIRO and the Heart Foundation to track changes in the nutritional content of foods and beverages sold in Australian supermarkets. As of July 2020, organisations can now access FoodTrack data directly via online platform Nutritics .

Nutritics enables in-depth for data analysis including but not limited to:

  • insight into the category market and profile
  • understanding nutrition trends in the retail market
  • front-of-pack labelling (the Health Star Rating system) and claims made on pack
  • allergen labelling
  • competitor product benchmarking
  • new product development
  • product reformulation and labelling opportunities
  • research activities
  • dietary modelling to inform public health advocacy
  • informing government policy
  • monitoring government nutrition initiatives
  • recipe analysis and management of recipe database
  • menu cycle planner
  • cost analysis including waste costs
  • paperless menu
  • online patient ordering system
  • creation of nutrition labels.

FoodTrack™ features and benefits

  • the database contains data for 40,000+ products since it started in 2014.
  • data is collected and updated every year.
  • collection covers more than 80 food and beverage categories sold in major Australian supermarkets, representing greater than 90% of the food supply in these stores.
  • data is extremely accurate: category error rates are less than one per cent.
  • data is collected and audited by a trained team of dietitians.

How can you access more information about FoodTrack™?

If you’d like to know more about the FoodTrack™ database or how we can help your business with FoodTrack™ analytics

Please contact

Xenia Cleanthous
Senior Experimental Scientist - Health & Biosecurity

Phone +61 3 9662 7164
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FoodTrack's™ success to date 

FoodTrack™ has been engaged to support several Government initiatives, including:

  • monitoring the implementation of the front-of-pack labelling system, the Health Star Rating system, over a four-year period
  • evaluating the impact on the food supply of the reformulation targets set under the Federal Government’s Food and Health Dialogue
  • providing evidence to support the Federal Government’s Healthy Food Partnership Reformulation Working Group’s efforts in developing food categories and setting new reformulation targets for industry.

Worldwide recognition

The Development of FoodTrack™ and the applications of the data collected have been presented at both national and international conferences, covering a broad range of stakeholders, including:

  • National Nutrient Databank Conference: May 2016, Washington DC
    • FoodTrack™: development of a novel Australian food and nutrient database.
  • Dietitians Association of Australia Conference: May 2016, Melbourne
    • A comparison of dairy milks and dairy milk alternatives in Australian supermarkets using the FoodTrack™ database.
  • International Food Data Conference: November 2015, India
    • InFoods Success Stories Award for significant food composition achievements by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations.
  • International Conference on Dietary Assessment Methods: September 2015, Brisbane
    • Development of a systematic Australian food composition database
  • Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology Conference, August 2015, Sydney
    • FoodTrack™: a technology-assisted supermarket nutrition data collection system.

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