CSIRO Land and Water provides the science to underpin Australia's economic, social and environmental prosperity through stewardship of land and water resources ecosystems, and urban areas.

Our research

Through an integrated systems research approach we provide the information and technologies required by government, industry and the Australian and international communities to protect, restore, and manage natural and built environments.

Our expertise addresses Australia's national challenges and is increasingly supporting developed and developing nations respond to complex economic, social and environmental issues related to water, land, cities and ecosystems.

Key challenges we address

CSIRO Land and Water delivers science-based solutions that address:

  • water availability issues related to population growth, increasing urbanisation and significantly increased food production in the context of a highly variable climate
  • water quality issues affecting urban, industrial and natural environments
  • water sharing concerns: balancing the water needs of the environment with those of agriculture and industry
  • the impacts of land, water and ecosystem resource management on biodiversity
  • the liveability, productivity and resilience of cities and towns
  • the development of climate sensitive practices that optimise agricultural productivity while minimising impacts on soil, water and ecosystems
  • helping our communities, ecosystems, cities and industries adapt to climate change and variability.

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We partner with small and large companies, government and industry in Australia and around the world.

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