We develop bioprocesses and environmental engineering based innovations for efficient waste and wastewater treatment and resource recovery.

The challenge

Environmental discharge limits and increased treatment costs

Urban and industrial activities create a range of solid and liquid waste streams that threaten environment and human health. Coupled with this are more stringent environmental discharge limits, increasing treatment costs, declining ore grades and the potential scarcity of resources such as water and nutrients, posing major challenges to food security.

We help water utilities, mining companies and other industries to optimise biological wastewater and waste treatment processes.

Addressing these challenges calls for technologies that facilitate efficient waste/wastewater treatment and the recovery of resources (value) from various domestic and industrial waste streams, such as sewage, mine waste and electronic waste.

Our response

Innovative treatment and resource recovery technologies

In partnership with industry and universities, we develop biotechnological processes and environmental engineering approaches for efficient treatment of domestic and industrial waste streams and approaches to recover resources from waste.

We use phosphorous accumulating microorganisms, bioelectrochemical systems and other new bioprocesses, which can facilitate the recovery of phosphorus, nitrogen and energy from municipal and industrial waste streams. We also optimise existing wastewater treatment plants for the removal of organic and inorganic impurities (e.g. organics, phosphate, sulfate, nitrate, metals, acidity).

We develop approaches to recover metals from various metal-containing waste streams, such as electronic waste, battery waste and mine wastes and methods to evaluate hazards and risks from wastes informing government waste policy.

Our research includes:

  • Development of active and passive treatment processes
  • Enhanced biological phosphorus removal and recovery
  • Biological removal and recovery of nitrogen from wastewater
  • Biodegradation of organic contaminants and energy recovery
  • Biotechnical treatment of textile dye wastewater
  • Bioelectrochemical treatment of various waste streams
  • Optimisation of treatment processes
  • Minimisation of chemical usage
  • Recovery of metals, sulfur, selenium and caustic from effluents
  • Evaluation of hazards and risks from wastes.

The results

Unlocking value from waste and improving environmental sustainability

Our research offers new options for waste management through the development of innovative bioprocesses and environmental engineering approaches.

These could make waste and wastewater treatment more sustainable and economically viable by demanding less non-renewable resources, maximising the efficiency and decreasing environmental footprint of the operations.

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