We have expertise in reusing water and wastewaters, managing contaminated groundwater and surface waters and providing environmental solutions for resource and energy development projects.

The challenge

Growing populations and industrial development

With Australia's population projected to increase water shortages are foreseen. This makes it critical to consider reliable water reuse options, including water storage and treatment.

It is also important to assess the impact and risk to water sources of the thousands of chemical storages and contaminated sites, and of the increasing use of chemicals across urban and industrial areas, so that sustainable management solutions can be found.

Australia's rapidly expanding energy and resources sectors are seeking ways to make their processes more efficient and reduce their impact on the environment.

Our response

Expertise in water reuse and environmental engineering

Better assessment and integration of natural (e.g. wetlands, aquifers) and engineered water treatment is desired.

CSIRO has unique Australian capabilities and an international reputation in managed aquifer recharge and groundwater quality science and engineering, geochemistry and environmental microbiology.

These capabilities are fundamental for understanding water quality changes in natural and engineered systems, for devising treatment and management options for pollutants, and for the application of biotechnology, fluid processes and process chemistry in the resources and energy sectors.

Our skills and expertise include:

  • groundwater quality science – integration of biological, chemical and physical controls on chemical fate in groundwater environments
  • pathogen transport and survival and assessment of pathogen risk in water reuse schemes
  • water quality and treatment
  • multiphase fluid dynamics and non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) science
  • remediation and treatment testing taken to field demonstration scale
  • geomicrobiology and mining biotechnology
  • geochemistry of materials, especially for their beneficial applications in ecosystem manipulation and water treatment.
We have a history of producing new tools and techniques, developing fundamental understanding of processes, testing and evaluating management and treatment options, and passing on outcomes to the research community and to users of new knowledge.

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