As part of the India-Australia Water Science and Technology Partnership (IAWSTP), CSIRO is helping to strengthen water resources management in India, supporting poverty alleviation and sustainable development.

The challenge

India has growing water management challenges

India faces major challenges related to water resources management, including:

  • clean water supply
  • food security
  • energy security
  • flood mitigation.

These issues are expected to become more pressing under a changing climate and a rapidly growing population.

Our response

Science partnerships to deliver sustainable solutions

Through a $12 million, four year partnership CSIRO has partnered with the Australian and Indian government and agencies and other research providers such as eWater, and the International Centre for Excellence in Water Resources Management, to help deliver sustainable water management solutions for India.

Irrigated agriculture in India

Specific outcomes of the partnership include:

  • scientific cooperation, technology transfer and capacity building
  • sharing of Australia's expertise in water resource management, especially with respect to climate change
  • improved decision making, which will help to support sustainable development and reduce poverty.

The results

Building on a decade of Australian science

CSIRO’s involvement in the IAWSTP builds on a decade of investment in water research that has guided water reform in Australian, and helped navigate through the worst drought on record in southern Australia.

The outcomes of this research have direct application to water resources management in India and in South Asia more broadly.

There are three key pillars to the body of research undertaken in Australia that can now be integrated to guide water resources management in India.

Firstly, CSIRO has developed methods for robust water resource assessments including understanding the impacts of future climate change on water availability.

Secondly, through the eWater Cooperative Research Centre, CSIRO has contributed to the development of a new national hydrologic modelling platform. This has broad application beyond Australia.

Thirdly, through its Water Information Research and Development Alliance with the Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO has helped to develop new national water information systems and services, including for example, improved water forecasting and nationally consistent water resources assessments.

By helping to strengthen integrated water resources management in India and across the region more broadly, CSIRO is supporting poverty alleviation and sustainable development.

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