Our Catchment Management research provides a seamless solutions-based approach spanning the catchment to the coast.

The challenge

A delicate balancing act

Everyone in Australia lives in a catchment. Understanding how we best manage the land, water, vegetation and ecosystems in a catchment, alongside agriculture and mining, is important for the long-term sustainability of Australia’s Natural Resources.

Our response

Identifying the suitability of catchments

The Catchment Management group uses a range of scientific approaches to help identify areas that can be sustainably used for agricultural (and mineral resource) development; as well as areas that may require remediation or restoration due to previous degradation.

Catchment management involves understanding how we best manage the land, water, vegetation and ecosystems alongside agriculture and mining

The team has skills in:

  1. Prioritisation and evaluation of landscape remediation
  2. Terrain and spatial analysis
  3. Hydrology, sediment and nutrient flux modelling, measurement and isotope tracing
  4. Remote field instrumentation, monitoring and data delivery
  5. Savanna and rangeland ecology

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