Our social and economic work is helping communities in Australia and overseas to adapt their livelihoods for the future. In particular, we are helping developing economies address challenges such as water security, sustainable agriculture and climate adaptation.

The challenge

Livelihoods under pressure

A range of phenomena such as a rise in global demand for marine products, new fishing technology, pollution, rising sea levels, population stress and climate change are significantly impacting on people's livelihoods.

These issues affect not only Australia but our neighbours to the north in the Torres Strait, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Our response

A collaborative approach

To deal with these challenges, CSIRO is working with local communities to plan for the potential combined impacts of environmental and economic changes.

We bring together experts from leading universities, research institutions, businesses and government in other countries to plan for anticipated impacts on each area's livelihood.

Read more in our case studies below on the Torres Strait, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

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