Our research is helping to shape resilient cities for the 21st century. We look at the way our cities use resources and interact with the environment to provide decision makers with solutions and alternatives for an uncertain future.

The challenge

Liveability into the future

The 21st century has seen massive changes such as population growth, resource pressures, disruptive technology, climate change and economic volatility.

Urban areas are particularly impacted by these issues, which has major implications for Australia as one of the most urbanised nations on Earth.

As the complexity of urban systems increases, there is a growing role for science to inform and transform the process of urban development and renewal.

Our response

Preparing for the future

We are currently working across Australia to determine how to best prepare for the future.

Our workshops under the Cities of the Future project seek to solve future problems by constructing a set of scenarios and using those to focus dialogue on the role that science and research might play over the short, medium and longer term. Collaborative workshops are set up in different Australian cities, where scenarios are refined and explored in the context of local issues.

CSIRO's Urban Living Labs provide a 'safe space' for collaboration and a testbed for innovation that aim to bring together local community knowledge with trusted scientific expertise to undertake action-based projects that produce information, tools, technologies and processes for more resilient cities.

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