We are developing planning, design and management solutions to help Australia’s cities and coasts adapt to a changing climate.

The challenge

Cities and climate change

Climate change threatens the liveability of cities, further exacerbated by fast urbanising coasts where most of the Australian population lives.

Our cities are facing increasing challenges of weather-related disasters which damage our buildings and infrastructure services including water, energy, transport, and telecommunications. For example, cyclones and storm surges destroy houses, bushfires rage at the urban fringe, and heat stress, vector borne and other climate related diseases pose health risks.

These impacts of a changing climate add to existing challenges such as urban sprawl, aging infrastructure, population growth, pollution and the loss of biodiversity.

Our response

Providing practical solutions for the future

We have a strong track record in delivering scientific solutions to urban sustainable development and resilience under changing climate. We are applying those skills and experience to help Australian cities and coastal communities prepare for the impacts of climate changes, while also reducing our urban greenhouse gas emissions and improving long term sustainability.

Specifically, our research can be applied to:

  • quantify current and future climate hazards, especially extreme events
  • assess the risks posed to communities and businesses, and prepare risk mitigation options for extreme events, such as coastal inundation due to sea level rise and storm surge, more frequent or severe storms, cyclones, hail events and floods
  • quantify the role of urban development in creating liveable urban and building environment under changing climate, and prepare options to reduce impacts on public health, such as green infrastructure
  • achieve co-benefit of energy efficiency/greenhouse gas emissions reduction and resilience to accommodate the changing climate for homes, buildings and transport
  • develop tools for communities and businesses to establish adaptation capacity with enhanced knowledge and preparedness in response to the changing climate.

Our researchers are giving Australian governments, communities and industry, the knowledge to effectively adapt to future climates. We see engagement of urban communities and built environment design professionals in research that recognises their knowledge and value as crucial to our successes.

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