Innovating our cities towards a more liveable, sustainable and resilient future.

The challenge

Ensuring urban liveability in an era of disruption

The 21st century has ushered in an era of 'wicked problems' related to population growth, resource pressures, disruptive technology, climate change and economic volatility. Urban areas are particularly impacted by these issues, which has major implications for Australia as one of the most urbanised nations on Earth.

With Australia’s population predicted to double by 2100, ensuring the liveability of urban areas will be a challenge.

In order to maintain, and enhance, the liveability and sustainability of our cities throughout this century, it is critical that we foster and support innovative thinking. We also need to look across disciplines for solutions to complex urban challenges and collaborate widely to transform new ideas and innovations into practical solutions that will enhance the quality of life of urban Australia.

Our response

Establishing an innovation community

We have established an Innovation Hub to form a focal point for innovative urban thinking.

The Hub will also facilitate collaboration between research, policy and planning agencies that are working towards more resilient urban areas, and direct innovative thinking to addressing three main questions:

  1. What information, tools and processes will help urban actors innovate for long-term liveability, sustainability and resilience?
  2. How can the urban innovation system be configured to accelerate transformation of urban areas toward a more liveable, sustainable and resilient future?
  3. How can unintended consequences, innovation mainstreaming and complex issues of social inequity, power and political economy be addressed through the innovation and transformation process?

We will address these questions through a series of innovation catalysing research activities, including:

  • Investigating the value of new partnership structures and collaboration processes, such as web-based crowd sourcing idea platforms, in boosting connectivity and innovation in urban development.
  • Applying systems thinking and simulation tools to urban development to enhance decision making and innovation in complex urban settings. Cities are comprised of many systems, such as water, energy, housing and transport. Systems thinking helps to see how problems of one urban sector can be due to long-range, indirect causes or even solutions implemented in other sectors.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of these processes and tools in delivering long-term benefits in terms of liveability, sustainability and resilience.

The results

Partnering for impact

Our Innovation Hub is a focal point for innovating urban thinking.

The Innovation Hub has been informed by extensive engagements with the property sector including research within the Urban Edge Partnership.

The project team is currently in discussions with prospective partners in this research. If you would like more information, please contact us.

Interested in helping us further this research?

We seek research collaborators with complementary skills so we can work together for stronger results.

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