CSIRO is contributing to a sustainable future for South Australia through the Goyder Institute for Water Research.

The challenge

Water is vitally important to the people of South Australia

The Millenium Drought clearly exposed the increased threat to the security of water supplies for communities, industry and the environment. South Australia's future economic growth and resilience is dependent on the provision of sustainable water supplies under a variable and changing climate.

This vital importance of water to the quality of life and the economic interests of the people of South Australia was recognised by the South Australian Government in establishing the Goyder Institute for Water Research in July 2010 and the development of a $50 million, 5-year strategic research plan.

Our response

Identifying threats to water security and developing integrated approaches to water management

The Goyder Institute was established to support the security and management of South Australia’s water supply and contribute to water reform in Australia.

The Institute brings together South Australia’s leading water research capabilities, in collaboration with CSIRO, into a single, comprehensive research program aimed at providing expert, independent scientific advice that informs good policy decision-making, identifies future threats to water security and assists in an integrated approach to water management.

It aims to ensure that South Australia has resilient water infrastructure, sufficient environmental water and is able to provide water security for industry and urban settlements.

This will aid development of adaptation strategies that meet the needs for human supply and natural resources.

The results

Contributing to a wide program of work

CSIRO contributes capability to the Goyder Institute’s four research themes: urban water, water for industry, environmental water and climate change.

CSIRO is leading projects in:

CSIRO is also contributing research to:

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