Includes reports on each catchment, summary reports, key findings, technical publications and datasets.

Key findings

Key findings of the CSIRO Flinders and Gilbert Agricultural Resource Assessment. (2pp)

Summary catchment reports

These documents provide an overview of the findings for each catchment. (16pp)

Flinders catchment

Gilbert catchment

Full catchment reports

These documents provide a comprehensive analysis of the feasibility, economic viability and sustainability of agricultural development in two catchments in north Queensland.

Technical reports

See the technical reports that provide detailed scientific analysis of specific components of the Assessment.

Project Methods


As key datasets produced by the Flinders and Gilbert Agricultural Resource Assessment become available they can be accessed through CSIRO’s Data Access Portal.

Soil-related datasets

Soil-related datasets include modelled spatial data on soil properties (e.g. soil depth, soil water availability), 76 modelled irrigation land uses (i.e. crop and irrigation combinations) and modelled confidence.

Access soil-related datasets - (the technical report on Land suitability: technical methods should be consulted before these data are used)

Field measurements and soil sampling

Field measurements are not available through the CSIRO Data Access Portal.

Landholders who would like access to the results of soil sampling taken on their property please email

You will need to specify that you are requesting soil data from the project LSGARA and supply your Lot and Plan details (which are listed on your rates notices). You will also need to provide your name and contact phone number.

You will receive an electronic document of the results by return email.

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