We provide evidence-based assessments of the risks to groundwater resources at local and regional scales.

The challenge

Groundwater resources are increasingly affected by various natural and anthropogenic stressors

It is widely recognised that pressures on groundwater resources in Australia will continue to increase.

This is due to the direct impact from a warmer and often drier climate, expanding agricultural developments, large-scale mining and unconventional gas extraction. Where there are cumulative impacts from these stressors, the effects on groundwater resources will become aggravated.

Our response

Development of a multidisciplinary approach results in effective and defensible risk assessment techniques

We have developed a unique capability in regional groundwater characterisation and risks assessment based on adoption of a multidisciplinary approach embracing novel technologies. Our teams materially contributed to significant and nationally important projects such as:

Irrigated agriculture, Peel, Western Australia. Photo Russell Crosbie

In addition, we developed capability in addressing more local groundwater issues:

Risks associated with groundwater quality deterioration are due to both natural and anthropogenic impacts. These are often hidden issues, but can be damaging to any water supply scheme and may also have significant effects on groundwater dependent assets

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