We are working to generate knowledge and catalyse innovation to inform policies and strategies for water, food and energy security in major river basins of the world.

The challenge

Increasing water demand

Rapid economic growth, expanding population and increasing prosperity are driving increased demand for water, food and energy security, especially in major river basins of developing countries. The challenge is further exacerbated by climate change impacts. There is a compelling need to explore integrated solutions to ease the pressures and formulate development pathways based on sustainable and efficient use of finite water resources.

Our response

Integrated solutions for changing waterscapes

We are working in some of the major river basins of the world.

CSIRO's International water research and development activities generate knowledge and innovation to underpin economic, social and environmental prosperity of major river basins of the world. Through an integrated systems research approach we provide the information and technologies required by governments, industries and communities to protect, restore, develop and manage water resources.

We have a long track record of work in Australia, South Asia, China, the Mekong and Africa; and expanding interests in Latin America.

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  • In the Mekong region, we worked with stakeholders to improve water resources development pathways for five major sites.
  • In India, our easy-to-use decision support system has supported framing of the National Hydrology Programme (NHP) basin planning investments.
  • Our on-going research in South Asia supports the governments of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal to assess climate change impacts on water resources, improve agricultural productivity, reduce disaster risks and support river basin planning.
  • We are working with the government of Myanmar using models to analyse hydrological sensitivity, trade-offs and synergies for development and conservation of the Ayeyarwady Basin.
  • In Peru, we are identifying key indicators and thresholds of drought for a range of climate and development scenarios and supporting more sustainable water sharing practices in the Tacna region.

We are also a key developer of eWater Source – Australia's National Hydrological Modelling Platform, and have applied it for short-term and seasonal climate and streamflow simulation, landscape hydrological modelling, managed river system modelling, floodplain inundation modelling, sediment and water quality modelling, water ecosystem modelling, and assessing cumulative impact of multiple stressors (e.g. climate change, land use change and mining resource development).

Our team has particular strengths in systems level technical governance assessments, user engagement in developing economies and partners' capacity development.

Current programmes

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