We’ve been creating polymers designed to improve the efficiency of drug delivery within the body.

The challenge

Targeted drug delivery

Researchers worldwide are trying to overcome the challenges associated with targeted drug delivery for infectious diseases. Difficulties occur when attempting to give clinically accurate doses to patients with conditions that involved defects of gene expression, such as cancer.

Our response

Disease fighting polymers

We are looking at ways to formulate therapeutics to treat diseases such as cancer, HIV and Dengue fever.

Our work involves the design and synthesis of well-defined polymers as vehicles to deliver drugs effectively for treatment. We use conventional polymerisation methods and controlled radical polymerisation techniques such as Reversible Addition Fragmentation chain Transfer (RAFT) to synthesise these polymers.

We have also developed a family of biodegradable reverse Thermo- Responsive Polymers (TRP) for controlled delivery of therapeutics based on proteins and other drugs. Therapeutics can be incorporated into these polymers then injected to sites in the body to form gels at body temperature, allowing slow release.

The results

Treating infectious diseases

Our major area of focus is the development of polymers for the delivery of short interfering RNA (siRNA) to treat infectious diseases. SiRNA can block specific genes, producing therapeutic benefits when dealing with diseases that depend on multiple gene expression activity.

Our multidisciplinary research team is equipped with skills in polymer design and synthesis, biological evaluations including animal studies, cell biology and advanced microscopy techniques. Our RAFT technology puts us in a unique position to overcome the difficulties in drug delivery systems where there are currently no effective treatments.

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