We partner with Australian companies to develop new products and processes that are helping to transform healthcare around the globe.

The challenge

Improving health worldwide

There are many challenges to healthcare around the world, including an unprecedented ageing population and an increasing rate of chronic disease.

Yet biomedical manufacturing is bringing new health products, devices and materials to transform healthcare and improve the everyday lives of people.

Our response

New health products, devices and materials

We partner with industry to deliver new medical technologies spanning drug discovery, new diagnostic tests, medical materials, bioactive delivery, stem cells and medical devices. This technology benefits millions of people, helping them live longer, healthier and more productive lives.

Woman standing in front of biomedical manufacturing equipment.

We are working on new therapies to treat diseases, new ways to deliver drugs and new technologies for use in medical research.

We work with around 100 Australian and international customers each year, providing growth opportunities and commercial competitiveness for Australia’s biotech, pharma, medtech and agribusiness sectors.

We support pharma, biotech and stem cell delivery with:

  • expertise in protein and synthetic chemistry to discover new biological and chemical entities for pharmaceutical applications
  • experience in gene cloning and protein engineering
  • high throughput material design synthesis and biological screening via our RAMP (Rapid Automated Materials and Processing) Centre
  • scale-up production at our fermentation facility.

We have an extensive track record in creating medical materials, drugs to diagnostic products, as well as spin-out companies in this sector. Tens of millions of patients benefit from cardiovascular, ophthalmic and diagnostic devices using our technology.

Do business with us to help your organisation thrive

We partner with small and large companies, government and industry in Australia and around the world.

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