We are collaborating with industry and the research sector to develop carbon fibre and make it cost-effective for Australian companies.

The challenge

An expensive but valuable material

Carbon fibre is a lightweight, strong and expensive material in growing demand.

Mr Scott Barnes using transverse carbon fibre compression to create custom instruments

Our team is using transverse carbon fibre compression to create custom instruments.  ©

It is increasingly being used in replacement of traditional materials such as steel and aluminium across industries, including aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, clean energy and sporting goods.

Carbon fibre is often combined with other materials to form composites. Within Australia, demand for carbon fibre composites is also increasing rapidly, particularly for use in industrial markets such as automotive, pipelines and infrastructure.

We are working to make carbon fibre a more affordable material for Australian industry.

Our response

Increasing affordability

Through the government-supported Australian Future Fibre Research and Innovation Centre (AFFRIC), we are collaborating with Deakin University to develop carbon fibre technologies for Australian industry.

We are focused on producing low-cost, low-energy carbon fibre to make it more affordable.

We are also using our RAFT technology to develop a process to deliver a novel carbon fibre feedstock.

Our carbon fibre experts are collocated at Deakin University's Waurn Ponds campus where they have access to AFFRIC's Carbon Nexus facility.

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