We engineered a unique fabric that is more comfortable before, during and after exercise, helping elite athletes and sports people to achieve peak performance.

The challenge

Staying dry during exercise

People undertaking active sports need next-to-skin garments that will move sweat away from the skin and keep the body dry during and after exercise.

Two thermal imaging film strips of a cyclist back. One wearing the Sportwool™.

The athlete using Sportwool™ is cooler, as revealed by thermal imaging. The hotter athlete is wearing a 100% double knit polyester fabric.

This active sportswear also needs to be more comfortable before, during and after vigorous physical exercise, allowing athletes and sports people to achieve peak performance.

Our response

Novel uses for wool and cotton

We developed Sportwool, a bi-layer knit fabric. Our researchers created a cotton fabric that is hydrophobic (water hating) on the inside and hydrophilic (water loving) on the outside.

This highly engineered fabric rapidly removes sweat from the inside face of the garment to the outside face and keeps the wearer dry. On the outside face the sweat spreads, which increases the evaporation rate and helps keep the wearer cool.

Sportwool combines the best characteristics of natural and man-made fibres in a single product, redefining the standard for comfort and performance of active sportswear. It is a lightweight, composite fabric consisting of a layer of machine-washable superfine Merino wool next to the skin and a layer of tough, easy-care polyester on the outside.

The results

Gearing up Australian Olympians

Sportwool is worn by Australia’s Olympic cycling and cricket teams. 

As a result of Sportwool's unique construction, the formation of sweat is delayed. Liquid sweat is carried away from the skin to the outside of the fabric, leaving the inside dry and resulting in less wet garment cling.

Due to the moisture being moved away from the body, the wearer stays cooler during exercise and post-exercise chill is reduced.

In addition, Sportwool is elastic, provides UV protection and does not retain odours.

Recently we have adapted our Sportwool technology to a 100 per cent cotton fabric. It's being used to make high-comfort, highly-functional, base-layer garments designed to keep athletes dry during exercise.

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