We provide innovative and low cost-of-entry chemical production and engineering solutions for industry. Using the latest in flow chemistry technology, we can rapidly address the synthesis and scale-up development of small molecules and polymeric materials.

The challenge

Inefficient chemical processes

Manufacturing chemical-based products is important to everyday life and has a central role in the global economy.

Flow processes can be readily transferred to production facilities and scaled for commercial use.  ©

In chemistry, chemical synthesis involves executing chemical reactions to achieve a desired outcome or product. Designing and synthesising chemicals with specific properties and functions are essential to delivering new and advanced products in areas such as medicine, food, textiles and industrial processing.

While conventional batch processing methods for chemicals are effective, the equipment and storage can be very expensive, limiting industry's capacity for product development and scale-up. Batch and other traditional methods are also resource dependent and generate large volumes of waste.

A move to cleaner, more cost-effective production is key to Australian industry innovation and achieving sustainable chemical manufacturing around the globe.

Our response

Applying innovative flow chemistry

We're leading developments in flow chemistry, a new, advanced way of processing chemicals, for Australia.

In a much smaller set-up, flow intensifies chemical processing which provides greater control and better outcomes.

Because the scale of equipment is dramatically reduced, it's much more cost-effective and accessible to companies than traditional batch processing. In fact, the equipment used in flow processing is approximately 10-times cheaper than the equipment used in batch processing.

This overcomes a key challenge for Australian companies with little access to capital, who can cost-effectively develop their products and scale-up. Flow processes are also more energy efficient, with precise control over reaction conditions leading to less waste and environmental impact.

Our team uses their deep expertise in synthetic chemistry to apply flow and traditional batch processing to support innovation.

Using these processing methods we have designed, developed and fine-tuned materials to have specific physical, chemical, optoelectronic and biological properties. In some complex systems, we have developed structure-activity (SARs) and structure-property relationships (SPRs) to identify and optimise lead candidates for drug discovery, advanced materials and organic electronic applications.

Our resulting advanced materials have applications in a range of areas, such as agricultural crop protection, veterinary drugs, drug delivery and antimicrobial.

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