We're applying chemistry and biotechnology to shape a more sustainable, resource-efficient agricultural sector.

The challenge

Increasing demand for agriculture resources

With the world population expected to be nine billion by 2050, Australian and world agricultural industries will need to produce upwards of 70 per cent more food, using less water, less land and having a smaller ecological footprint.

In order to meet this need, new technologies are needed to radically improve agricultural productivity, efficiency and sustainability.

Our response

Developing tools for smarter farming

Partnering with industry, and utilising our capabilities in polymer and surface science, encapsulation and delivery vehicles, nanoscience and bioactives, we are developing new and novel materials and systems to address the challenges facing the agricultural sector.

Agricultural crop

Our advanced tools and materials are boosting agriculture productivity.

These systems can add value to Australia’s manufacturing and biomass industries, through energy security, employment growth and reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

We address a range of farming needs, including:

  • increased crop production
  • water efficiency and savings
  • better nutrient delivery
  • nanonutrients
  • weed control
  • pest control
  • soil amelioration.

In collaboration with university and industry partners, we are researching opportunities for by-products of the agricultural industry to provide sustainable solutions in manufacturing.

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We partner with small and large companies, government and industry in Australia and around the world.

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