HySSIL is an aerated cement-based product that is as strong as normal concrete, but only half as heavy. It provides up to five times the thermal insulation of concrete and is also impact and fire resistant.

The challenge

Traditional concrete is expensive and heavy

Concrete is one of the most commonly used manmade materials, however it's expensive to produce and transport. Researchers have been seeking a lighter alternative to concrete that doesn't lose its structural integrity.

Our response

Making lighter, cheaper, environmentally friendly options

HySSIL cement; half the weight of regular cement while just as stong

Technology company HySSIL was born out of a new lightweight environmentally-friendly concrete alternative developed here at CSIRO. Together, our ongoing research partnership has led to the creation of a range of conventional concrete substitutes.

HySSIL stands for high-strength, structural, insulative, lightweight; it's an aerated cement allowing it to be half the weight of standard concert whilst maintaining the same strength. It also  has five times the thermal insulation of concrete making it an ideal option for providing fire resistance to buildings.

The results

A new alternative to traditional concrete

Through this partnership HySSIL has been able to make its mark on the global construction industry.

Construction time and cost can be cut significantly because of easier lifting and transportation of the lightweight, prefabricated HySSIL panels.

Production of the materials are cheaper than other products on the market and have the added benefits of thermal efficiency and recyclability at the end of their lifecycle.

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