We are working to transition manufacturers towards ICT-enabled systems that provide safety, efficiency and productivity gains through automated signal processing, data management and assistive-robotic solutions.

The challenge

Digital adoption in manufacturing has been slow

Already, the digital disruption of manufacturing is having a profound impact on how employees work, processes are monitored and optimised, supply chains and inventories are managed, and which business models are being adopted.

Despite the evident potential for safety, efficiency and productivity gains in adopting such systems, their significant underutilisation within small-to-medium enterprises reflects the high barrier to adoption of existing solutions.

We have the capacity to reduce this barrier by working with companies across different manufacturing industries to develop agile and cost-effective solutions.

Our response

Automated solutions to help manufacturing industries

The manufacturing companies of tomorrow will rely on the interplay of sensor networks with rapid data processing to facilitate real-time monitoring of environments and optimisation of every aspect of their business.

Harnessing our long history in developing sensor and sensor networks, wireless communication, robotics and digital data processing, we are focusing on three key areas associated with automated solutions  for manufacturing industries:

Researcher operating the helper station unit of the ReMoTe system.

  • Developing integrated systems that provide real-time monitoring of manufacturing processes and environments.
  • Empowering human workers through the development of collaborative software and robotic systems.
  • Transforming manufacturing through information and the Internet of Things (IoT),  harnessing sensor networks and big data to enable informatics-linked, smart enterprises.

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