Safe-T-Cam technology is helping keep Australia’s roads safe.

The challenge

Keeping road users safe

Ensuring road users reach their destinations safely is an ongoing concern for governments and transport organisations who are committed to improving road safety.

With speed and fatigue cited as two of the main causes of death and injury on our roads, NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) were looking for a solution to detect and improve truck driver behaviour, and they asked us if we could help.

The Safe-T-Cam program provided a solution to reducing the risk associated with heavy vehicle driver fatigue with an aim of preventing heavy vehicle accidents.

Our response


CSIRO played a major role in the design of the Safe-T-Cam system that uses a series of remotely operated fixed infrared camera sites, placed strategically along arterial transport routes, to check large vehicle point-to-point speed, vehicle registration and driver rest-breaks.

Our Safe-T-Cam automated traffic monitoring system is helping Roads and Maritime Services monitor heavy vehicle movements

As vehicles pass a Safe-T-Cam site, a photo is taken that records registration details, date, time, place and the direction a vehicle is traveling. The system then checks previous sites the vehicle has passed and calculates the average speed between the sites.

Safe-T-Cam is used in police blitzes and for directing traffic across a number of Truckscan (weigh-in-motion) stations.

The results

A trusted partner

As a trusted partner to NSW RMS for many years, we currently provide software and hardware diagnostics support and continue to provide system upgrades and advice.

The automated vehicle detection, classification and number plate recognition system is capable of reliably capturing real-time highway information, day or night, and is scalable to hundreds of cameras distributed across a road network.

The use of Safe-T-Cam has resulted in better road safety and compliance across New South Wales.

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