We've used cold spray to dramatically cut the steps needed to manufacture pipes, saving companies time, money and energy.

The challenge

Reducing labour-intensive steps

Pipes used in industry are typically produced by processes such as extrusion or spiral welding.

The extrusion process has been used for many years to produce pipes and tubes, window frames, thermoplastic coatings and wire insulation.

In this process, a metal billet is heated and pierced with a suitable mandrel, which is then followed by elongation, rolling, straightening, sizing and finishing.

Similarly the spiral welding process has been used to make auger barrels, steel auger and spiral welded tubes.

In spiral welding, a sheet of material is formed onto a roll and seam welded to produce a pipe. However, subsequent steps include post treatment, weld inspection, sizing and finishing.

These conventional processes are labour-intensive, timely and costly. More efficient manufacturing processes are needed to help industry improve productivity and stay competitive.

Our response

Applying cold spray

We have applied the cold spray direct manufacturing method to efficiently manufacture seamless titanium pipes, reducing the number of steps in the process.

The cold spray technique results in improved flexibility, and as the process can take place at low temperatures and without the need for atmosphere control, it saves on energy and costs.

Using the technique, multiple layers can also be rapidly added onto the pipe to increase its strength.

The results

Cutting costs and energy

Manufacturing seamless pipes using cold spray has helped companies achieve dramatic savings in labour, time, materials, energy and other associated costs.

By reducing the amount of material and energy used, the process is also much more environmentally friendly.

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