We are revolutionising the development of advanced electrochemical systems with a robot, called FASTER, to autonomously screen and evaluate materials around the clock.

The challenge

Cutting down electrochemical testing time

Electrochemical testing and validation of new materials can be time consuming tasks, slowing down the research and development phase of next-generation material systems, processes and products.

Our response

Automating the process for rapid results

We have developed FASTER, a set of hardware and software systems to overcome time-limiting inefficiencies and human error in electrochemical testing and materials validation.

Our technology minimises experimental waste in electrochemical testing.

Using a robotically actuated sensing platform and a computer controlled liquid delivery system, we can automate routine electrochemical testing tasks. This enables extensive multi-day testing cycles of up to 80 discrete electrically addressable samples, without human intervention.

FASTER records electrochemical data using industry standard potentiostats (an electronic instrument that controls voltage difference), ensuring that its data is directly comparable with well-established testing and regulatory standards.

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