Our electrochemical laboratories are developing the next generation of surfaces through computational modelling and innovative surface science.

The challenge

Transforming industrial materials

We're designing and controlling surfaces at the molecular level to transform industrial materials. These transformed surfaces may be applied to materials for the protection of infrastructure or aircraft, nano-sensing of the environment or to enable the next generation of batteries.

Our response

Designing and controlling surfaces at the molecular level

We’re using computational methods to design molecules that govern surface properties. This approach is leading to unparalleled control of chemical and electrochemical processes, resulting in long-life ‘green’ coatings for aerospace applications, new protection systems for aggressive environment applications (such as pipelines or desalination plants), and the development of electrolytes for electrochemical systems. 

Molecular design opens up a huge range of choices, but it requires ultrafast methods to assess potential candidates. We’ve developed proprietary high-throughput robotic techniques to screen and evaluate candidate materials and then, through self-learning, further optimise molecular design and materials choice.

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