CSIRO Mineral Resources is one of the largest minerals research and development groups in the world with a proud track record of industry innovation.

[Image appears of an outline map of Australia in the centre and the CSIRO logo in the bottom right corner of the screen and the image shows coloured dots dripping down the screen from the map]


Narrator: Australia’s minerals industry needs to transform if it’s to remain competitive.


[The image of the map moves up and off the screen at the top and the coloured dots continue down eventually dripping into three stacks of coins and the image shows the stacks of coins growing larger]


That “if” is critical to our economy.


[Animation image shows the stacks of coins tilting forwards towards the camera and being surrounded by ships and then continuing to tilt until they are upside down]


Mineral resources are one of Australia’s most valuable exports today bringing in tens of billions of dollars each year, but future mining production will decline in Australia unless we tackle the industry’s big challenges.


[Camera zooms out to show graphs and data surrounding the upside-down stacks of coins]


Ore quality is down, global competition is up, and commodity prices are constantly up and down and all that is happening amid growing social and environmental pressure.


[Animation images move through of a satellite dish and then a plane moving across the screen, followed by a heading “Data at all scales”, and then trees covered with netting and text appears: Exploration, Mining, Processing]


At CSIRO, we’re leading the science and innovation solutions needed across the minerals value chain.


[Animation image changes to show a rock with coloured dots emerging from the top and eventually moving into a yellow block and then the camera zooms in on the block] 


Finding more of it, getting more out of it and looking out for the environment.


[The image shows the block morphing into a cross-section of land with trees above and text appears on the right: 80% of the Australian bedrock is hidden]


Australia’s deep blanket of sedimentary cover hides 80% of the country’s bedrock where deposits lie.


[Animation image changes to show spiral lines looking down and the camera zooms in and in until the lines can be seen across a rock face]


So, we’re working on advanced techniques for exploration through cover to increase rates of discovery at depth.


[Camera zooms in on the rock face and then in on minerals on the rock and then in on a single mineral and dotted lines join to text around the single mineral: Gold, Waste, Gold, Gold]


Once discovered it’s crucial to understand the complex make up of minerals so they can be effectively mined and processed downstream.


[Animation image shows the single mineral fragmenting into many pieces and then morphing into linked circles]


That’s why we’re building in depth ore body knowledge at every scale.


[Image changes to show an animation pickaxe]


Many Australian ores are currently uneconomic to produce using current technologies.


[Animation images flash through of the axe handle, the axe handle drilling into the soil, a flow chart of the process of mining, and ore moving up through the rock to the surface and text appears: Thickener, Screening, mining3]


We are working to develop new efficient mining and processing solutions to unlock Australian ores, lowering costs and for the first time making them viable to mine because low impact mining is the future.


[Animation images flash through of minerals moving through a machine on a conveyer belt and specks of gold in amongst the minerals are pinpointed]


We’re working on smarter ore extraction technologies with our partners at mining3. We’re also working on advanced sensors for selective ore management to better separate mineral from waste further improving efficiencies.


[Animation images flash through of the rest of the processing plant, a miner’s hat and a miner and two other people with a netting pattern over their faces]


Our process optimisation tools and expertise are improving the way processing plants all over the world operate while our environment and community research is underpinning the responsible development of our mineral resources for long term sustainability helping the industry to meet the needs of growing community expectations.


[Image changes to show a spinning world globe and the camera then zooms in on Australia on the globe and then the globe disappears and text appears on a black screen: We imagine, we collaborate, we innovate]


At CSIRO, our innovations are creating real value for our customers globally and it’s driving a more productive and sustainable industry back home.


[An image of a dotted map of Australia appears and then eventually the dotted map is covered with a gold colour]


We imagine, we collaborate, we innovate because Australian minerals are our future.


[Music plays and CSIRO logo and text appears: CSIRO, Australia’s innovation catalyst]




Australian Minerals, Our Future

We partner with industry, government and the research sector to deliver breakthrough innovation across the minerals value chain.

Addressing the industry's greatest challenges, our research aims to benefit Australia and the globe by growing our resource base, increasing mining productivity and driving social and environmental performance.

We apply our expert knowledge and specialised research to deliver innovation that solves the challenging, complex problems faced by minerals companies, mining equipment, technology and services (METS) companies, government, and other industry stakeholders.

Our innovation unlocks the value of Australia's natural resource base and delivers a more productive, lower cost, socially and environmentally responsible global minerals industry.

Our expertise spans:

  • exploration geoscience
  • resource engineering
  • process science and engineering
  • resource characterisation
  • on-line analysis
  • data analytics and decision support
  • social and environmental science.

Delivering value to industry and the nation

Our focus is on delivering innovation and real-world outcomes for the mineral resources industry and Australia by addressing seven industry priorities.

Exploration through cover

Our research aims to increase rates of discovery in Australia and uncover the nation's next generation of deposits. Our technology will lead to increased investment and greater success rates as new regions of Australia's covered bedrock are effectively explored.

Orebody knowledge

By delivering onsite resource characterisation, we're helping companies optimise extraction. Companies can get an in-depth understanding of mineral resources in near real time, and use new sensor and data processing technologies to reliably predict and improve downstream processes and resource life.

Unlocking Australian ores

Advanced processing techniques and technologies will ensure Australian ores are globally competitive. Taking advantage of new process technologies can make otherwise uneconomic lower grade ores viable to mine and export.

Low-impact mining

We're developing intelligent ore extraction technologies so that global mine operators can exploit inherent ore variability, increase productivity and reduce their input costs.

Selective ore management

New sensing and sorting technologies will increase mine productivity and safety. Mine operators can adopt high-throughput, no-contact sensor technologies and systems for high-tonnage ore sorting, and process management and optimisation.

Process optimisation

Global minerals processing operations can reduce costs, increase productivity and lower health and safety risks thanks to our new energy- and water-efficient technologies and processes.

Environment and community

Our research is delivering positive social and environmental outcomes for the mineral resources industry. Our aim is that communities and miners have a shared approach to maximise resource value and ensure positive long-term social and environmental outcomes to underpin a vibrant national economy.

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