We helped a company develop a new processing technology to unlock their low grade and complex uranium deposit. The company has since commercialised the technology and is working with the industry to apply it on other resources.

The challenge

Processing low grade ores economically

Low grade calcrete-hosted uranium ores have traditionally been uneconomical to mine due to the high cost of processing these deposits.

New or improved processing technologies are needed to make these complicated deposits economically viable for companies around the world.

Our response

Developing a viable processing solution

Marenica Energy approached us to better understand their calcrete-hosted carnotite deposit and investigate the best processing options.

Our analysis assessed the potential for this material to be upgraded by identifying specific ore properties that could be exploited for beneficiation.

Marenica then embarked on a program to develop a new process to concertrate the carnotite and still achieve high recoveries.

The company worked with us to characterise their intermediate test products at all stages of development, utilising our QEMSCAN and x-ray diffraction technologies.

The results

A new process for uranium

Marenica was able to develop a highly efficient new process technology, named U-pgrade, which can be applied to many other calcrete-hosted uranium deposits around the globe.

Marenica is now working with other mining companies to apply the U-pgrade process technology.

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