We worked with Talga Resources to better understand their large graphite ore deposit and provide a benchmark to compare their product after processing.

The challenge

An understanding of graphite ore characteristics

Graphite is an increasingly important commodity for the development of next-generation lithium ion batteries.

An understanding of graphite ore and how its variations perform in processing is essential for turning this valuable resource into a saleable commodity.

Our response

Analysing chemistry and structure to improve understanding

Characterisation image shows the make-up of the graphite ore.

We worked with Talga Resources to characterise the nature of their giant high-grade graphite orebody in northern Sweden.

We studied the variations in chemistry and 3D structure of drillcore samples and used this to select representative regions for more in-depth work.

Detailed analysis of the graphite flake size, distribution and associated minerals, provided a better understanding of deposit formation and the ore's extraordinarily high electrical conductivity.

The results

A benchmark set for future process optimisation

The results served as a benchmark to compare the graphite ore to the graphite and graphene produced by Talga's novel processing technologies.

This knowledge can be used to optimise processes to increase efficiencies and improve product quality.

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