SENSEI® is an advanced groundwater monitoring system, featuring revolutionary patented sensor technologies, capable of delivering continuous real-time data for multiple chemical and physical parameters.

The challenge

Manual monitoring of groundwater

Meeting strict reporting requirements for groundwater management around mine sites requires routine water sampling and analysis.

The manual sampling process is labour intensive and typically takes two operators a month to complete, with analysis adding further delay as it can take days to weeks before the results are known.

Existing sensors cannot be embedded long term for continuous chemical measurement, because they are too fragile, unstable and require frequent removal for calibration.

[An animation image appears of a diagram of a SENSEI® sensor system showing a sensor panel above the ground and connected through a line moving down under the ground inside a casing and text appears: SENSEI®, Groundwater]

Narrator: SENSEI® is a state of the art automated solution for groundwater monitoring in real time.

[Camera zooms in on a point within the casing and text labels appear: Robust acid-resistant casing with embedded electric components, pH, ORP, reference, 3rd party sensor, Modbus serial communications cabling, Multiple sensor packs can be daisy-chained]

Its patented sensor system delivers accurate real time data from multiple chemical and physical sensor inputs.

[Animation image changes to show the sensor panel above the ground and the casing below the ground and text appears: Sensor system, Automated real-time monitoring, Minimal maintenance, Reducing time & costs]

The solid state sensors featuring our revolutionary sensor materials are embedded within the environment and require no regular manual readings and minimal maintenance reducing time and cost.

[Music plays and the camera zooms out to show the sensor system with the sensor panel above the ground and the casing below the ground and symbols of a thermometer, ORP, ph. and pressure appear around the sensor panel]

Inside a robust casing the multi-sensor array delivers simultaneous measurements of pH, ORP, conductivity, temperature, pressure and more.

[Animation image shows data lines moving out from the sensor panel to two clouds moving above the sensor system and then the camera zooms in on the cloud showing arrows pointing in and out] Data is then transmitted in real time and held in Cloud storage to be retrieved and analysed remotely.

[Animation image changes to show data on a laptop and then the camera zooms in on various graphs]

The SENSEI® visualisation tools presents your data simply and clearly for various uses and stakeholders.

[Animation image changes to show a mobile tower sending out data lines and then the animation image changes to show a tablet, a Smartphone, a computer screen and a laptop in a row]

The continuous data stream delivers alerts and information, ensuring the right information and the right format at the right time.

[Camera zooms in on the computer screen and a tick appears on the screen]

The early alert system reduces delayed reaction and escalation risk.

[Animation image shows symbols of a pick hitting a rock, a water pipe, and test tubes in a stand on the computer screen]

SENSEI® is optimised for use by mineral resources, the mining industry and water utilities and industrial water and chemical processing businesses.

[Animation image changes to show trees, rocks and shrubs in a line beneath a sun and cloud]

SENSEI® is an example of how CSIRO is improving environmental monitoring and resource performance through innovative science and technology.

[Image changes to show the CSIRO logo and text appears: Australia’s innovation catalyst]

SENSEI® masters in-situ groundwater monitoring

Our response

A revolutionary automated sensor solution

We developed SENSEI®, an end-to-end sensor, hardware and software solution incorporating patented solid-state sensors for measuring multiple chemical properties in embedded aqueous applications.

CSIRO's SENSEI team at Heathgate Resources where sensors have been deployed for a 12-month trial

SENSEI® is a robust multi-sensor system capable of simultaneously collecting data on pH, reduction potential, temperature and conductivity. It can also be fitted with third party sensor equipment.

It provides real-time measurements without ongoing calibration and can operate in highly acidic environments, up to 40°C and in either liquid or wet material.

The in-situ system uses a customised solar-powered solution for off-grid operation and can be combined with existing operational systems.

Continuous data streams are transmitted in real-time via an internet connection, giving the end user the ability to retrieve and analyse data remotely, and minimise any lag time between measurement and corrective action.

The results

Trialled and tested for groundwater management

SENSEI® has been successfully trialled at Heathgate Resources' Four Mile West mine in South Australia, which regularly experiences conditions ranging from sub-zero nights to near 50°C temperatures during the day.

The robust sensor units were embedded in groundwater wells, testing components in the field and validating the automated collection of data with SENSEI against data from manual surveillance.

Results from the trial show that SENSEI® can provide real-time, continuous measurements in harsh environments for periods of 12 months or more.

Field testing of SENSEI® was sponsored by Heathgate Resources, NERA (National Energy Resources Australia) and Boss Resources.

SENSEI® is now looking for partners to bring the technology to market.

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