Our innovation and expertise in environmentally friendly mineral resource production and development is providing the tools and knowledge for Australia to be a global leader in the stewardship of these resources. Expertise in process science and engineering, and mathematical, environmental and social sciences is underpinning this.

The challenge

Balancing resource recovery with environmental impacts

The material demands of a growing world population continue to increase the demand for mineral resources, energy and water, at the same time expanding the environmental footprint of mining and processing operations.

Wastes and emissions from mining and processing add to environmental pressures but can also be viewed as productivity or efficiency losses for companies.

Remediation of contaminants and environmental toxicity or damage from mine sites is a challenge faced in Australia and across the world.

A key challenge is to develop new practices, technologies and governance to reduce the environmental impact of mining while maintaining its positive benefits.

Our response

Solutions to reduce environmental impacts

We have taken significant steps in helping Australia to understand these mineral resource challenges and to find solutions, technologies and other ways of addressing them.

By applying our strengths in process science and engineering, and mathematical, environmental and social sciences we are helping Australia to shape its future and be a global leader in the stewardship of mineral resources.

Our track record includes:

  • Integrated technology for ‘green’ steelmaking that focuses on  energy, waste, water and environmental performance
  • key contribution to mining our above ground resources through ‘wealth from waste’
  • cost-effective, low emission smelting technology contributing to 30% of global copper, tin and platinum output
  • safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly production processes for light metals such as titanium and magnesium
  • life cycle analysis framework to measure and optimise the water and energy footprint at mine sites

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