We are providing expertise and knowledge to guide decisions and choices about mineral resource use strategies for the benefit of industry stakeholders and Australian and international communities.

The challenge

Gaining community acceptance

Understanding community attitudes is important for guiding decisions on resource development.

Managing or governing mineral resource use for the benefit of Australian and international communities is a great challenge if the right information, expertise and knowledge is not available.

Conflicts between mining companies, local communities and legislators can occur where information and communication about potential scenarios, benefit flow and solutions are limited.

If key information is not available or relationships and communications are not handled well, industry, community, environmental and national interests can be damaged. In cases where mining operations and companies lose community confidence or support, their social license to operate can also be lost.

Our response

Independent information from experts

We are providing world-leading expertise and knowledge as a foundation for well informed choices and decisions about mineral resource use strategies.

We have brought together social and economic sciences with our established mineral industry capability to help position Australia as a global leader in the stewardship of mineral resources for the benefit of industry stakeholders and Australian and international communities

Our work in social licence to operate, community attitudes, stakeholder engagement, megatrends, best practice and distribution of benefits is a focus of growing national and international work and significance.

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